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The Clay County School District is committed to preparing our students in becoming college and career ready. Our curriculum is designed to promote standards-based instruction incorporated with problem-based learning as well as a high level of rigor and relevance.

Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE)

The 2017-2018 school year will see changes in the contents of Science and Social Studies.

The Georgia Standards of Excellence will drive instruction. Hands-on, student-centered, and inquiry-based approaches should be the emphasis of instruction. The standards are a required minimum set of expectations that show proficiency in science as well as social studies.

Homework Help!

If your child has been assigned homework for the evening, please ensure that our students are completing their assignments. Homework reinforces the concepts that were taught in the classroom earlier during the day. The faculty here at Clay County Schools want students to not only retain the information learned but to apply the information as well.

Georgia's Systems of Continuous Improvement

The Georgia’s Systems of Continuous Improvement framework focuses on the systems and structures (the “what”) that must be in place for sustained improvement in student outcomes. It also utilizes a problem-solving model (the “how”) to provide a clear process for identifying improvement needs, planning for improvement, and implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the improvement efforts. Source-GADOE

This process is to ensure that the needs of the "whole child" are met in an effort to have each student attending a Georgia school, college and career ready.